And that’s a wrap people

One of the only things we didn’t yet do in Tanzania is climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The fact that I have been staring at this mountain for 4 weeks and still didn’t yet climb any part of it was killing me. Every morning I would wake up and walk out onto our little porch and see the beautiful mountain covered in snow and fog. So right before we left Tanzania we all set off to climb a portion of the mountain. It ended up being close to 13 miles of hiking up and back. It was a wonderful hike up to the top (I was obviously the first one there) and we enjoyed a lunch packed by our mountain leaders. (started to get super nasty as we ate this weird lunch a lot on the trip) As I took one of my first bites it starts to down pour. It was pouring so damn hard I thought we were gunna be washing down the mountain. So we decided to run down the mountain. I mean we sprinted down this freaking mountain faster than I’ve ever ran before. It literally didn’t stop raining until we got to the bottom. Even though I ran down a slippery mountain in a freaking monsoon it was so totally awesome. Overall,It was an amazing experience and I absolutely can’t wait to go back and summit it.

Overall, this was the most incredible trip of my life. I cannot wait to come back and learn even more from these amazing people. If you are ever thinking of visiting Africa to either volunteer, hike the mountain or go on a safari, don’t hesitate. There is a lot of preparation but it’s totally worth it. There is nothing to wrap up this trip then my favorite quote, “Aspire to inspire before you expire.”


January 2016

Tanzania, Africa

mount kil