Mid study abroad crisis

Holy cannoli. We just had our midterm break and time has been flying by since I got here. My school work has gotten a lot harder and I just have no time for anything recently. For our midterm break my roommates and I went to Budapest, Hungary and Prague, Czech Republic. Budapest was amazing and we had a great time while there. The nightlife was insane and we spent some time in the “ruin” bars. They are basically old houses or buildings that have been abandoned till about 15 years ago when people threw some old furniture in there and called it a bar. In a little room off to the side we watched a few string players perform some traditional Hungarian music while Hungarian kids started dancing along to the music which was so cool to see. We spent the next three days in the city seeing and eating literally anything. I think I gained about 15 pounds at the end of this trip by the amount of cheese, potatoes, and beer I drank. We took an overnight train from Budapest to Prague. It was five girls in this tiny little room with these tiny little beds for about 12 hours which got pretty interesting. We spent about 3 days in Prague and again saw and ate EVERYTHING. The entire week was absolutely amazing but there was something in me that just wanted to come back to London. I always feel like I have some sort of purpose here and somehow feel like a Londoner. There has been a lot of talk about how people can’t wait to go home. I really have no interest in leaving London and wish I was rich enough to live in this city forever. I love my home in America but I truly love my home here more.

ALSO last weekend we went to Amsterdam to see a music festival which was ABSOLUTELY INSANE AND UNREAL AND AMAZING.

November 7, 2016


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