Bittersweet endings

My semester in London is over. **Sobbing** I just took my last final exam and only have one more paper to write until I part ways with this beautiful city. It’s been such a whirlwind of an adventure and cannot believe it has gone by this fast. Here’s a quick summary of some of my favorite moments that happened over the last month of my visit:

  1. My best friend from UD came for thanksgiving break. We went to some islands off the coast of southern Morocco.
  • We jumped off mountains, hiked through canyons, ATV’ed up to the highest volcano/mountain in Spain.
  • Jumped into the clear ocean with some nudists.
  • Got lip tattoos (probably the only tattoo I’ll ever get sorry Mom).
  • Overall, it was an absolute adventure of a lifetime. 10/10 recommend visiting Tenerife.
  1. I went on a solo weekend trip to Tromso, Norway.
  • I spent an entire day getting thrown off a dog sled onto a frozen lake through the most beautiful snow covered mountains with purple and pink skies.
  • Successfully saw the Northern lights while eating smores around a fire on the side of a lake in the middle of nowhere Norway.
  • Stayed out until 6 am with new friends from my hostel and hungout with some of the coolest European I’ve ever met.
  • Walked home in a blizzard.
  • Spent the next day going to the top of a mountain to see the most beautiful view of the city.
  • Best self-discovery experiences of my life. 10/10 trying something on your own for a change.
  1. Spent Thanksgiving with my roommate from home in the UK.
  • Ate the lamest British TG dinner- realized how much I appreciate my Aunt Linda’s mashed potatoes and apple sauce.
  • Felt pretty sad facetiming my family as they were all together.
  • 10/10 would recommend never being away from your family for Thanksgiving.
  1. Spent some time in London
  • ice skating in Hyde Park, Winter wonderland, touring Tower of London, visiting museums, afternoon tea, Santacon, attending theater performances, exploring as many little neighborhoods as I could
  • realized what it felt like to be completely broke and financially dependent on my parents for EVERYTHING

I really can’t believe this experience is coming to an end. Since I was in middle school I have been (not so) patiently waiting to live abroad and explore this part of the world that I was so curious to see. I think that I’m done with cities for a bit now and am starting to crave some nature/ west coast lifestyle to refuel my next year.

When they tell you that studying abroad will change you as a person they aren’t joking. This experience has taught me so much more than I ever thought was possible and I’m externally grateful for this opportunity. Now it’s time to spend some qual time in 2017 with my family, friends and bank account. Peace out London. Hopefully I’ll see ya soon.

December 12, 2016

London, UK


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