“Once in a lifetime opportunity”

This saying is something that I’ve always disagreed. Since I left for college and started making my own decisions people have continually said this to me about a lot of the places I’ve gone and things I’ve done. Once in a lifetime… It holds so much weight in a single decision. Is this really the one time you will have this opportunity? Do people believe this because they believe opportunities are something that only happen when they falls into your lap?

Yeah, I won’t argue that there are certainly some things that can only happen once in a lifetime like your 21st birthday, getting chickenpox, first kiss, your freshman year of college ect. However, there are so many things that most people classify in these categories that really could be done as many times as you can imagine (taking out monetary/legal/physical ability issues). I believe that opportunities aren’t lucky, they are something that you continually drive your focus into. For example, living in a foreign country such as study abroad. The amount of times I heard people tell me “that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity” in reference to my or someone else’s study abroad plans is ridiculous. Of course, I can’t go back with the same people at the same time in the same country but that’s similar to all of life’s experiences. I believe that as long as you work really hard, prioritize your funds and have the desire to do that one thing, it will get done.

Never let anyone tell you it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you really want it you will make it happen again.


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